The Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally landed in Australia and is bound to make some big waves this year. The phone will be a huge hit and is a long awaited upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which did not meet sales expectations.

The phone will be landing with a retail price of $929 but as with all mobile phones, it is likely to be purchased mostly on one of many carrier subsidised Samsung Galaxy S5 plans.

There are a number of great features which makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 a worthy upgrade. The first feature is the water resistance. Sony has led the way in this department with their Xperia Z line, now Samsung are taking on this feature as well.

The next cool feature is the tap and pay feature which is available for Wespac and Commonwealth Bank customers. This feature allows you to pay by in a similar way to Paywave.

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of a heart rate monitor. This feature is targeted at the health conscious and those using their phones during a gym session.


Skiing in a place called Whistler

One of the most exciting past times if you can afford it is skiing and there is no place as famous and as popular as Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.

The area has got an interesting history and only really became a skiing area in the late 1980’s after being area known more for logging. The great snow in the area, however, could not be ignored and investors soon tried to convert the area into a skiing destination by opening up a ski resort there.

At this time, Whistler was also pushed as a potential Winter Olympics destination but was not able to win the rights to host. Another ski resort was then built and after both merged in the late 1980’s, the area started to really explode with development.

The area has great snow and typical temperatures average zero degress during the day. The most popular area to ski is Whistler-Blackcomb which has over 35 lifts and more than 200 skiing runs.

There many great resorts servicing the area and a hotels discount code will get you a great deal on your stay.

Selecting running shoes

Keeping fit these days is becoming more of a priority for people, especially now that we lead such busy lives. One of the best ways to keep fit is to go running.

Getting the best experience from running involves a number of factors and the most important one is that you wear the right shoes. Choosing the right shoes is not just a case of ensuring you pick the right size but it is also about ensuring you choose the right type of shoe to fit your foot shape.  Many people do not realise that there are many different types of feet and shoes that cater to those different types.

You generally will fall into three categories of feet type. The first type of foot is a flat foot. This type of foot requires less arch support. Picking a shoe which has arch support for a person that has flat feet will mean that they will get sore feet after running.

The second type of foot is a high arch foot where more arch support is required to ensure a comfortable experience. The final type of foot is the regular foot which most shoes will cover. These shoes have a medium arch support.

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