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Finding an online doctor was never so easy

Being healthy is a top priority on everybody's list. And many people are willing to pay anything for it. Membership in exclusive gyms, sporty clothes and accessories, gadgets that track the number of steps and heart rate and of course exotic berries and other slimming products. But sometimes in spite of our best efforts to stay active and healthy, we fall sick. It could be something as mild as a cold or cough or something as serious as a full blown bronchial attack or a heart condition. If you are one of the many who don't want to visit the doctor, then you will absolutely love this telehalth app, Dr Me. This app has completely revolutionised the healthcare industry. Now you can have access to the doctors right from your smartphone.

Why spend hours in the waiting room when you can just see an online doctor? This app allows you to browse through all the doctors in the Dr Me network and choose the one that is the qualified to meet your medical needs. The benefit of this type of doctor online chat is that you can enjoy a whole session with the doctor without feeling rushed or pressured to quickly share your history. Once the doctor listens to all your symptoms, he will proceed to give you the treatment options

What makes this telehealth app so great is that you choose to meet your doctor at your convenience and from wherever you are. You don't have to worry about other patients or the doctor rushing through your case as your session is exclusively for your doctor online chat. You can leisurely share your symptoms and medical issues with the doctor. So you no longer have to be anxious or worried till you meet your doctor as now you can have a video consultation with your doctor as soon as you feel unwell.

A few highlights of this chat Australian doctor online service is that you can have a virtual consultation doctor from anywhere, and as soon as your consultation is done, your doctor will mail your prescription to your pharmacy. So you can just pick it up at your convenience. Your doctor is so well connected that if your case doesn't fall in his area of expertise, he will then refer you to another specialist who will be able to help you. Doctor Me is also connected to a number of pathology and radiology centres.